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Marilyn, our mirrored stunner, gives you so much more than a snapshot, with personalized photo editing (signatures, emoji's, digital props, etc.) through her interactive full-length touchscreen DSLR photo mirror.

Screenshot 2022-01-10 134635
Screenshot 2022-01-10 134635
Screenshot 2022-01-10 134635

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(photo overlays, props, backdrops, etc.)


$350 / hour 

3 Hour Minimum


Who We Are

Here at SnapHappy, we’re party people!  We’re color obsessed! We love all things confetti and glitter! Well, at least I do… the rest of the team might think I’m crazy but they indulge me anyway!

Our whole goal is to make your party (not your balloons) POP. To entertain your guests and create an experience they will talk about for years to come.  It’s totally about creating a vibe that elevates your event!

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